- Our Team is not responsible for losing your secrect number, password or ID.
- Trading accounts or items for other servers or games is not allowed and will get you punished.
- Attempting to sell or buy accounts or items for real money (eBay, PayPal, ...) is not allowed and you will face consequences.
- Sharing accounts or items is OWN RISK. We will never restore items when we find out you gave away your ID/PW or used the same ID/PW info on another server.

- If your character is shared and is found "empty", we will not restore items. Sharing is a risk you take so only share with somebody you know well.
- If your character is shared and is found "empty", the players on which the items are now, will not be blocked. If you won't bother keeping the account for yourself, we won't bother spending time finding who took your stuff and block him.
- If you get scammed while trading items/accounts for another server, we will not restore the account/items because we cannot verify if the transaction occured on the other server or not.
- Keeping drops in party cannot be considered scamming. Don't party players that you don't know, and if you do, make a drop rule like finders-keepers.

- Any kind of automation of gameplay is strictly forbidden. You are not allowed to run any kind of bot, macro or even put weights (or stick toothpick) on your keys (e.g for splashing).
- Being caught AFK splashing/healing is an obvious evidence of you using one of the above mentioned methods.
- Using macros is strictly forbidden. If we catch you running a macro, you will will face consequences.
- Hacking in any way (2 jobs, storms, speed, etc.), use of UCE (Cheat Engines or others), or any kind of file manipulation will face consequences.
- Advertising other servers, in any way, is forbidden!

- Don't assassin during Castle War.
- Don't attack the GameMasters.
- Rebirth items will be disabled during castle war.
- Assassin at Bosses Not Allowed.

- Donations for virtual items are 100% voluntary. These are "digital goods" and are received in real-time in game. Donations are considered a gift. This game server is FREE for all to play. We have a strict no refund policy so please consider this when you decide you would like to donate.
- Opening a dispute or claim with PayPal will result in an instant permanent ban of your account, whatever the outcome of the dispute/claim is, even if it’s in your favor.
- We will provide full logs of the donation, your account information and the way you spent the donation rewards in our game to PayPal. In the past, we have won all claims by providing this kind of evidence to PayPal.