10 January 2022

Reset Announcement


First off, we’d like to give a shout of appreciation to our players who stayed with us till the end, the ones who continued to show their support, and the king words we’ve received throughout this phase of the server. We’ve had rocky moments, bugs here and there, and other things that we should’ve taken care of much sooner. But it’s our fault, crucial members of our team had urgent personal business that they needed to take care of, and unfortunately, that had the priority.

We’ve certainly learned a lot and gained a significant insight on how to run the server much more smoothly next time. We still have a lot of things we want to do, we want another chance at creating the server we envisioned without anything steering us from our goal. From making updates in a timely manner, to better PVP and PVE experience. Our work isn’t done, and we can’t close the book on our journey like this.

After talking to the team and the players, we’re announcing a RESET! But next version of the server will have impactful changes. For example, the EXP will be slightly higher. We’ll add alternatives in PVE, because we know how quickly boring TOP can get. Among other things, we want to rework the rewards in PVP systems, such as CW, GVG, and duel tournaments, etc. as a way to incentivize you to grind to be the best and give it your best shot. And so on, and on.

We will announce a date once we feel like the server is ready for a relaunch. Please use the suggestion thread on our discord for suggestions, or the main chat if you just want to talk about something with us. We’re open to ideas. Looking forward to seeing you all once more!

Your Ellun Team
19 December 2021

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