12 February 2022

A Huge Update 12.02.2022

• Starter Level is now 70 .
• Grade55/59 added to starter pack
• Added quest items in start package for first seven missions in storyline.
• All party monsters HP/DMG decreased and EXP adjusted respectively to be played by less people in a party.
• Increased beginners’ storyline quests experience
• from now you are able to obtain Grade 65 Armor - Grade 65 Weapons with 50% chance from Masters
• Small Magic Potion added to Merchant
• Silver Kal Shop has been updated
• Gold Kal Shop has been updatd
• Grade 2 talismans has been added to ArtisanDoggebi - KAL Shop
• Increased the drop rate of Guild Raid Scrolls
• Guild Raid Lv4 has been enabled.[ 800 Scrolls needed]
• Guild Raid Lv5 has been enabled.[ 1000 Scrolls needed]
• Tower of D'evah [1st floor ] Lv req changed to 77
• Tower of D'evah [2nd floor ] has been added lv 79 needed.
• Tower of D'evah [3rd floor ] has been added lv 83 needed.
• G65 Fullset-Weapon and Grade 70 Sides-Weapons are drop-able in 2nd floor
• G65 Mains and Grade 70 Sides-Weapons are drop-able in 3rd floor

[Daily Quests/Missions]
• Added new daily quests to Tower of D'evah 1st floor [77+]
• Added new daily quests to Tower of D'evah 2nd floor [80+]
• Added new daily quests to Tower of D'evah 3rd floor [83+]
• Added three missions to Tower of D'evah
24th mission is located at 1st floor in ToD 77+
25th mission is located at 2nd floor in ToD 80+
26th mission is located at 3rd floor 83+

• Increased experience gained from all bosses.
• Grade 65 Mains rate changed to 75% on bosses.
• Grade 70 sides-weapons has been added to bosses by 30%.
• [Raid Boss- E-mok Boss - Doggebi Lord - F10 and Hunting ]

[Event Manger]
• Event Manger NPC has been added to Main City
• Polymerase added to droprate [All Monsters]
03 February 2022

Regular update [Fixes] 03.02.2022

- Valley of Devah Mission 21,22,23 has been fixed
- MW 1 By 1 monsters spawn has been changed to fixed.
- AFK check has been added to MW.
- EXP increased in Solo Valley of Devah monsters.
- EXP increased in Party Valley of Devah Monsters.
- Not supported ID for guild/character names has been fixed.
- Filter issue in chat has been fixed.
01 February 2022

Devah update 01.02.2022

• Valley of D'evah gates opened from level 74+
• Moving trinket require to move in Valley of D'evah
• Storyline quest added to Valley of D'evah
• Daily quest added to Mission Table
• New Bosses (D'evah bosses) in Valley of D'evah
• D'evah bosses respawn everyday at 19:30 servertime
• D'evah bosses drop overall pimp items
• Tower of D'evah gates opened from level 80+
• Daily quest added into Tower
• Teleport has been added to Guide of Royal World NPC
• Grade 65 Side parts dropable in Valley of devah
• Grade 65 Full set dropable in Tower of Devah
• Grade 65 Weapons dropable in VOD/TOD
• Grade 65 added to Artisan Doggebi.
• Grade 60 drop rate slightly increased.
• Grade 55 drop rate increased.
• Vicious land EXP has been increased.
• Shiny monster in Tower of Priest Floor 4-5-6 EXP has been increased.
• Shiny monster in Wano Country EXP has been increased.
• F10 EXP has been increased.
• The Depth system EXP has beed increased.
• E-mok boss EXP has been increased.
• New comers EXP has been increased.
• Masters dropping 5x Essence Box per boss aswell you are able to obtain Grade 60 side parts - Grade 62 Weapons with 50% chance
• Guild Raid Lv2 has been enabled.[ 450 Scrolls needed]
• Guild Raid Lv3 has been enabled.[ 600 Scrolls needed]
• Talisman of Intensity added to KALSHOP/Honor shop
28 January 2022

Regular update 28.01.2022

• Mining system has been enabled one more time.
• Alot changes to Grade 60 prices in Doggebi Artisan. Check it out!
• Grade 55 drop rate slightly increased.
• Increased experience gained from Monster Summon Scroll.
• Hoya of Mt. Baekdu pet added to KALSHOP
• Hochi of Mt. Baekdu pet added to Vote Box.
• Congratulations message pop-up now only appears for level ups above 60.
• Storyline quest item teleport system has been disabled for ASSISSAN mode.
• Some unclear descriptions have been changed in the KALSHOP.
• Wano Country added to Royal World in Guide for Royal World, Lv73+ needed.
• Wano Country included 1 By 1 / Solo / Shiny / Party training game.
• Grade 60/62 Full set are drop-able in Wano Country
• Daily quest added to Wano Country .
• There’s a 100% chance of G60 and G62 drop from Doggebi Lord-F10-Emok and Raid .
• Increased experience gained from all bosses.
• Element Masters has been added to Tower Of Priest
• Element Masters respawn everyday twice 18:00 & 23:45 servertime.
• Masters dropping 2x Essence Box per kill aswell you are able to obtain Grade 60 side parts - Grade 62 Weapons with 50% chance
• Guild Raid Lv1 has been enabled.[ 300 Scrolls needed]
• 10 Members should be on to start Guild Raid System
• By Finishing Guild Raid You will be able to gain experience, Reward points and honor points
• Note: You can't start Guild Raid more than five times a day
• On the occasion of the first week, a two-hour experience event will be opened from 21:00 server time to 23:00 server time.
10 January 2022

Reset Announcement


First off, we’d like to give a shout of appreciation to our players who stayed with us till the end, the ones who continued to show their support, and the king words we’ve received throughout this phase of the server. We’ve had rocky moments, bugs here and there, and other things that we should’ve taken care of much sooner. But it’s our fault, crucial members of our team had urgent personal business that they needed to take care of, and unfortunately, that had the priority.

We’ve certainly learned a lot and gained a significant insight on how to run the server much more smoothly next time. We still have a lot of things we want to do, we want another chance at creating the server we envisioned without anything steering us from our goal. From making updates in a timely manner, to better PVP and PVE experience. Our work isn’t done, and we can’t close the book on our journey like this.

After talking to the team and the players, we’re announcing a RESET! But next version of the server will have impactful changes. For example, the EXP will be slightly higher. We’ll add alternatives in PVE, because we know how quickly boring TOP can get. Among other things, we want to rework the rewards in PVP systems, such as CW, GVG, and duel tournaments, etc. as a way to incentivize you to grind to be the best and give it your best shot. And so on, and on.

We will announce a date once we feel like the server is ready for a relaunch. Please use the suggestion thread on our discord for suggestions, or the main chat if you just want to talk about something with us. We’re open to ideas. Looking forward to seeing you all once more!

Your Ellun Team
19 December 2021

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